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Gates of Hades Slot

Gates of Hades Slot
  • Year of foundation
  • Owner company:
    Stuart Trigwell
  • Genre
    Volatile Greek mythology
  • Platforms
    Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

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Descend into the mythological depths with Gates of Hades, a slot game that promises an adrenaline rush with every spin. Its eldritch symbols and the promise of untold riches will beckon players to take on the challenge. Will you emerge unscathed with the loot, or will Hades claim your stake?

About Gates of Hades Slot Game

About Gates of Hades Slot Game

The Gates of Hades is a popular online slot game developed by Playtech. A world where mystic gems and esoteric artifacts become the symbols leading to potential fortune, “Gates of Hades” captivates with its blend of Greek mythology and thrilling slot mechanics. Players are invited to explore the underworld and search for treasures hidden within its walls.

Pros and Cons Gates of Hades Slot


  • A fan favorite with engaging Greek mythological themes.
  • Fair RTP at 96.04%, offering a reasonable return to players.
  • Promises a decent max win of up to 5000x the stake.
  • The excitement is amplified with the Bonus Buy feature.
  • Progressive multipliers that increase the stakes and excitement.
  • A universally appealing theme rooted in popular culture.


  • The absence of a progressive jackpot might deter jackpot hunters.
  • The Bonus Buy feature may not be accessible in some jurisdictions, limiting the full gaming experience.

How to Play Gates of Hades Slot?

Embarking on this journey requires an understanding of the unique mechanics that set the Gates of Hades slot apart. Unlike traditional slots, your fate is determined by the scattered pay system, an innovative approach to winning that challenges players to think beyond the confines of fixed paylines.

Table: Guide to Playing Gates of Hades Slot

Step Description


Begin the quest by setting your wager, ensuring it aligns with your budget and strategy.


Initiate the spin and watch as the reels bring forth the symbols from the depths.


Seek out 8 or more matching symbols scattered across the reels to secure a win.


Enhance your fortune with cascading wins, where victorious symbols make way for new ones.


Aspire to land 12 or more matching symbols to unlock the game’s maximum payout potential.


Discover the nine mystical symbols, each bearing its own worth, with ancient artifacts promising higher rewards than the glistening gems.

Gates of Hades Combination Wins

“Gates of Hades” doesn’t just allure players with its aesthetics; it’s the promise of combination wins that holds the true appeal. Each spin is an opportunity to align with the game’s generous deities, who dictate your fate with every scatter of symbols. Understanding the value of each symbol and how they combine is key to mastering this hellish domain.

Gates of Hades Bonus Features, Wilds and Free Spins

Gates of Hades Bonus Features, Wilds and Free Spins

In this detailed exploration, we’ll unravel the lucrative secrets this underworld-themed slot holds, guiding you through the chasms of cascading wins and multipliers that can lead to legendary rewards.

Bonus Features

Gates of Hades prioritizes immersive gameplay with its straightforward yet potent bonus features. The game eschews an overload of bonuses in favor of a few high-impact ones, focusing on delivering a quality experience that resonates with the slot’s thematic essence.

The central pillar of these features is the Tumble mechanic, reminiscent of cascading wins, which grants players successive chances to increase their takings. With each winning combination, symbols dissolve, beckoning new ones to fill the vacated spaces, thus propelling the potential for consecutive wins within a single spin.


While traditional wild symbols are absent in this underworld saga, Gates of Hades compensates with Multiplier Symbols, the game’s unique take on wilds. These symbols, adorned in colors of infernal flames, can appear randomly during spins and tumbles, their values ranging from a modest 2x to an astronomical 500x. These multipliers are not mere additions but potent catalysts that, when combined, can amplify your winnings substantially after the tumbles subside.

Free Spins

The coveted Free Spins feature is unlocked upon the arrival of four scatter symbols, granting players 15 free spins. The free spins round is a treasure trove, with each multiplier symbol contributing to a cumulative multiplier that applies to every win throughout the session. Moreover, the benevolence of the gods is felt with every three additional scatters during the free spins, gifting players an extra five spins.

Special Features

Amid the fiery forges and the echoing chants of lost souls, Gates of Hades offers more than mere spins and wins. Each multiplier collected during the free spins feeds into a total multiplier – a beacon of hope that escalates with every winning round, promising a path to otherworldly riches.

Gates of Hades Slot Strategies

Gates of Hades Slot Strategies

The Gates of Hades slot as well as Gates of Hades slot demo presents a realm where the brave can seek fortunes among the damned. To navigate the abyss and emerge victorious, a strategic approach is crucial. This Gates of Hades slot review aims to arm players with strategies, sharpened by the wisdom of the ages, to enhance their chances of claiming the treasures that lie within the scorching bowels of Hades’ domain:

  1. Understanding the Paytable: Your odyssey begins with a thorough understanding of the paytable. Knowing the value of each symbol and the potential multipliers is like possessing the map to Hades’ vault. Study the artifacts you’ll encounter and the riches they promise to craft a strategy that aligns with the most lucrative symbols.
  2. Managing Your Bankroll: Embarking on a journey to the underworld is no trivial affair. It demands a prudent bankroll management strategy. Allocate your funds wisely, ensuring you have enough spins to encounter the slot’s bonuses and multipliers, which are keys to unlocking its greatest rewards.
  3. Utilizing the Tumble Feature: Strategically speaking, the Tumble feature is akin to the unexpected twists and turns of the River Styx. Each win offers a chance for another, without additional cost. Capitalize on this feature by anticipating subsequent wins and adjusting your bets accordingly, aiming for the cascades that lead to greater bounties.
  4. Chasing the Multipliers: Multiplier symbols in Gates of Hades can be the windfalls that shift fortunes in your favor. Recognize patterns, if any, and adjust your play to times when multipliers seem most prevalent. A timely increase in bet size when multipliers are active could exponentially augment your spoils.
  5. Leveraging Free Spins: Free spins are like Orpheus’s lyre, capable of bending the will of Hades himself. Triggering the free spins can lead to a collection of multipliers that drastically inflate your total winnings. As you chart your strategy, prioritize the pursuit of scatter symbols to unlock this potentially transformational feature.
  6. Special Features – Maximizing Opportunities: The Gates of Hades slot game’s special features are not merely embellishments; they are the weapons in your arsenal. Understanding how they work and how they can be triggered will prepare you for opportune moments to strike and reap the rewards.

Gates of Hades RTP and Volatility

This is not a particularly “high” RTP slot; instead, the RTP rate is in the range of the industry average, which is 95% to 96%. The RTP is 95.50% and 95.51% when using the bonus buy.

Because of the extremely high volatility of this game, winnings are uncommon but can still result in nice bet multipliers when they do.

Online Slots – Check The RTP

As you traverse the fiery depths, it’s essential to understand that RTP is a long-term average, not an immediate predictor. Each spin of the Gates of Hades slot is an independent event, much like drawing lots in the realm of the gods. The game’s volatility also plays a crucial role, adding an element of unpredictability to each wager.

So before descending into the underworld’s embrace, checking the RTP is a wise move. It equips you with knowledge, setting realistic expectations for the treasure hunt ahead. Gates of Hades doesn’t just tempt with its thematic allure; its RTP is a testament to a game designed to balance risk with the potential for reward, beckoning players to test their mettle against fate’s fiery wheel.

Choose wisely, spin boldly, and let the RTP be your guide as you seek favor from the gods of fortune in the Gates of Hades. Remember, the RTP is a theoretical estimate, a guide through Hades’ maze, not a guaranteed return on every spin.

Finally About Gates of Hades Slot

Gates of Hades offers more than just a thrilling gaming experience; it’s a mythic quest for glory. With its combination wins, bonus features, and the potential for substantial payouts, this game stands as a beacon for those who dare to venture into the legendary realm of the Greek underworld.

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